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Starting with Wow! - Making Your Wedding Entrance!

There are no rules when it comes to your wedding entrance.

Yes, there’s tradition and … there is the chance to re-invent tradition. It’s rare to hear the language of ‘given away’ any more as this harks back to very different times.

As your wedding celebrant, I’ll encourage you to think about what is important to you and how that can be incorporated into the different parts of your wedding. When I chat to most couples, they have been thinking about who they want included in their wedding party (if they want one), but they don’t always realise there are many options for how their wedding ceremony begins. 

wedding party entrance ideas in Canberra

The symbolism of one person coming towards the other and meeting together in front of their family and friends still holds true today, but there are many ways this can be achieved.

wedding entrance with dads by Canberra celebrant

There is nothing to stop both of you having your own entrance. David and Sarah’s wedding started with two processions.

Both David and Sarah were escorted down the aisle by their fathers, recognising the significant roles they played in their lives.

The mothers were acknowledged when David stopped to kiss both mums as he entered the ceremony space.

Daniel and Sian’s wedding entrance set the party tone for their celebration with Daniel’s groomsman throwing petals as he entered ahead of Daniel and the rest of his wedding party handing out drinks to guests.

Similarly the tone of Liam and Bernie’s wedding was set beautifully by their two entrances. Liam and his son had guests laughing before Bernie walked in accompanied by their daughters.

Her brother was then surprised Bernie’s daughters who got him from his seat and he escorted his sister down the aisle to Liam. There wasn’t a dry eye!!!

In contrast some couples chose to come to the ceremony space together. They are already a couple and come to their marriage as a partnership.

wedding entrance ideas coming in as a couple in canberra

For Craig and Uli’s wedding, I ensured all guests were ready before the happy couple walked in hand in hand to their waiting friends and family.

They had been off wandering with their photographer and so were ready to celebrate their wedding.

It was special on so many levels, particularly as they recreated elements from previous ceremonies prior to them being allowed to marry.

If your guests don’t know each other well, you might want to consider some ‘mingling’ time prior to your wedding ceremony. This gives your guests (and you if you want) time to relax and chat prior to your ceremony. It can create a more relaxed tone where people are ready to enjoy your wedding, not just sit quietly and watch.

Whatever you decide will be the beginning of your ceremony, at your rehearsal, I’ll discuss with you how we can create some wow moments (and I’ll brief your photographer and videographer, so they are ready to capture them!). These special moments don’t only happen by chance, that is part of my role in creating an amazing ceremony with you and for you.

Whatever is important to you, as your celebrant I will work with you to ensure that we create a ceremony that really is your wedding, your way. I’d love to help you create your dream wedding, so contact me and we can meet.

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