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Choosing a Celebrant - Why Me?

Unforgettable Moments Taylored Just For You...

There are many wonderful wedding celebrants in Canberra and our surrounding region. I am part of a very strong network of celebrants in Canberra.

As we often say there is a right celebrant for every couple – because just like every couple, every celebrant is different.

So, who are ‘my couples’?

choosing a wedding celebrant in Canberra

Couples who chose me as their wedding celebrant are looking for someone who is supportive, professional and passionate about creating unique and memorable weddings. They want a wedding that balances love and romance with laughter and fun. They want a wedding that includes modern takes on tradition. They want a wedding that is inclusive and has their guests saying how it was ‘perfect for them’.

I have a strong focus on supporting my couples. I only book one wedding a day, so that you are my only priority. My commitment to you is that I am the support behind you, in the lead up to and on your day. I won't be in many of your photos! I'm not the reason everyone is there.

While I officiate - I will not be the centre of attention. All the focus should be and will be on you!

How a Celebrant Can Minimise The Wedding Day Stress...

I am well organised and ensure that everything is tracking on time. Everything is ready for you well in advance so there is no last-minute stress.

My strength is connection. I connect with people; I connect people to others, and I connect ideas.  That helps me bring together the unique ceremonies I create with you, for you.

I am a storyteller. I don't just write ceremonies - I tell your story. I listen and I seek to understand. As your wedding celebrant, I help you explore options. My couples often say, they don’t know what they don’t know. I suggest options and encourage you to think about your values and purpose so that together we can create a ceremony that is uniquely and authentically you.

Taylored Celebrations is me.

I created Taylored Celebrations to reflect my values.

I love celebrating life, even the tough parts.

I love helping people create their unique celebration, because life should be celebrated!

I am committed to supporting others and minimising the stress that is often associated with major celebrations.


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