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I’ve Got You Covered! - Your Celebrant Ready For Anything!...

As your wedding celebrant I have a suitcase filled with things you may just need which I always have at weddings.

  • Hair not doing what it’s supposed to? … No worries, I have hairspray, bobby pins, and ‘bling’ clips!

  • Buttonholes not secured? … No worries I have pins!

  • Bridesmaid’s dress split? … No worries I have needles and thread in many colours!

  • Feeling dehydrated? … No worries I have bottles of water tucked away for the wedding party to grab during the ceremony!

  • Kids not doing what you want them to? … No worries, I have little lollypops.

  • Annoying flies or mozzies? … no worries I have insect repellent.

  • Groomsmen still have their suits stitched? … No worries I have scissors.

  • Minor injury? … No worries I have a first aid kit.

And …


Weather looking like rain? … No worries I have clear umbrellas for you and your wedding party.

umbrella by Canberra celebrant - Taylored Celebrations

Being prepared for the unexpected is just part of the service I provide. I want you to be able to relax and know I have your back. I will do everything in my power to make sure your day goes smoothly and that you and your guests enjoy a fabulous experience.

This is just an example of what being couple-focused looks like!


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