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Candle Ceremony – Unity Candles

A beautifully symbolic ritual you might want to include in your wedding ceremony is a ‘unity candle’ or family candles’.

The symbolism is perfect for your wedding!

As your wedding celebrant, once I understand what is important to you, it may be something I suggest considering as part of your wedding ceremony.

unity candles or family candles in your wedding ceremony

This ritual involves three candles.

The first two candles represent your two families – your background and yourselves as individuals. They are each lit by a member of your family. A&B asked their mums to light their family candles – it’s a lovely way of including your mums.

As your marriage celebrant, I’d suggest we do this early in your wedding ceremony. Later, either just before or soon after you exchange vows, you each light a taper (thin candle) from your family candle and together use your flames to light your unity candle. It symbolises the two of you as individuals, becoming one.

You can get your candles from a number of places; R&C made their candles. They made it a special part of their wedding preparations.

unity candles or family candles in your wedding ceremony

 If you are in Canberra, I recommend Ellen from Creative Flair. She made many of the candles you can see in the pictures and will design your candles in collaboration with you. 

 Like to know more about incorporating a Candle Unity Ceremony into your Canberra wedding ceremony?


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