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Sand Ceremony

Looking for a way to include and recognise your family?

A sand ceremony is a lovely, symbolic ceremony you can include in your wedding.

As your wedding celebrant I will position it within your ceremony in different ways depending on the message you want to send.

Basically – the symbolism is that once the different coloured sand is combined, it can’t be separated out, it is joined forever, just as you are forever joined by your marriage.

Who does a sand ceremony involve?

Who you include in your sand ceremony is really up to you!

It can be as simple as just the two of you, or it can include your parents, your immediate or wider family or all of your guests.

How To Use a Sand Ceremony In Your Wedding Ceremony

D&S asked their parents to be involved in their sand ceremony

Each family had a special coloured sand. There were three containers for each family – the two parents and their child. The parents poured their sand into the beautiful container that D&S had bought with their initials as a lasting memento of their wedding. After their parents had poured in their sand, D&S added their layers.

The two families forever joined through this marriage, symbolically represented by the sand.

Photos courtesy of Keepsake Photo

F&T committed to honouring the cultural heritage of each of their parents.

Each parent had a different colour sand representing the country of their birth. Their four parents poured layers of their coloured sand into the bottle that F&T had chosen as a lasting reminder. It was a stunning visual representation of their commitment to bring up their children with an awareness of and appreciation for the diversity of their cultural heritage.    

R&M wanted to include their broader family and so we had many little containers! 

Family members came up in smaller groups, the older nieces and nephews helped the younger ones pour in their sand. We created a multi layered reminder of the individuals and families who are such an important part of R&M’s lives.   

photo credit - a shot above the rest

M&B wanted all their guests included in their sand ceremony.

During their wedding they poured their containers of sand into their holder. Guests were asked to take some time during the reception to add their sand to the container and write a message to the newlyweds. It was a beautifully inclusive approach, reminding friends and family that they were all connected and that they were all important in M&B’s lives.

photo credit -  James Field Photography

If you are interested in including this idea in your wedding ceremony, I suggest looking at Etsy for stunning containers that will match your décor and be a lasting reminder of your wedding.

As your wedding celebrant, I’ll work with you to identify who you want included and where we can best incorporate it into your uniquely designed wedding ceremony. I’ll draft wording that reflects what messages you want to send your family and friends about this symbolic ritual.


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