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Dressing For YOUR Day! (aka What Do Celebrants Wear?)

It’s not all about me … but what I wear to your wedding is an important part of my preparations as your wedding celebrant.

Before your wedding I’ll chat with you about what you’d like me to wear. I’ll check if there are colours that you do or don’t want me wearing.

I’ll ask about what your wedding party and possibly even your mum’s are wearing.

I won’t be in many of your photos, but I will be in some of them. I don’t want to look like I wanted to be in your wedding party (and dress too closely in style or colour) – but I don’t want to clash with them either.

I have a range of dresses to choose from. Some couples have requested a particular outfit after seeing it on my socials … but largely once I know your wedding dress code and key information about your wedding colours, I choose what I think will fit in best.  

The weather is in many ways one of my last considerations. As your wedding celebrant in Canberra and the surrounding NSW regions, I’ll brave the cold and the heat.

My dresses tend to be straight so that windy weather doesn’t cause any wardrobe malfunctions!  

 canberra wedding celebrant Debbie Taylor heart shoes

I love finding outfits which are perfect for weddings … and that includes shoes!

You can imagine how delighted I was with a recent find.

Shoes with love hearts – perfect for love filled ceremonies!

Call me and we can chat and make your wedding dream come true!

A Little More Wedding Ceremony Info:


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