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When A Celebrant Says ‘Couple Focused’ - What Does That Mean?

In 2023 I was awarded Most Couple-Focused Marriage Celebrant 2023 (Eastern Australia) by LUXlife Magazine as part of their 2023 Global Wedding Awards. You can read more about the awards here.

award winning canberra celebrant

I was thrilled to be nominated for, and win this award because it sums up what I believe is the most important part of my role as your wedding celebrant. I support through every aspect of preparing for your wedding. 

Being couple focused is how I aim to be from our first meeting right through the process of designing your wedding ceremony, to how I am on your day and afterwards.

As your wedding celebrant, I aim to take as much stress out of the lead up to your wedding and of course on your wedding day.

When we first meet, I’ll ask lots of questions and spend a lot of time listening to what you want, as well as talking to you about the legal process of getting married. As a marriage celebrant in Canberra, I have fabulous connections across the wide range of our local wedding suppliers. I don’t have a ‘preferred list of vendors’ because it’s not about who I like working with! I’ll happily recommend 3 or 4 people to you, once I know what you want as I’ll try to match you up based on what I know of you and the vendors.

Debbie Taylor Canberra celebrant in action

On your wedding day, my aim is to be in as few of your photos as possible. I tend to stand at the end of your wedding party or to the side if it is just the two of you. I won’t stand between the two of you for the majority of the ceremony. It’s your day and the focus should be on you!! As your wedding celebrant, I will come and stand between you for the legal component (the Monitum) and either next to you or close by for your vows, depending on what you decide at the rehearsal (the logistics of how you want to say your vows). After your ceremony, I’ll head home and register your marriage and then keep in contact with you, ensuring that you are kept up to date with the registration process, getting your marriage certificate and advise you of the process of changing your name (if required). 

Being couples focused, I respond to emails, text messages and calls quickly. I’ve often had feedback about my prompt responses. I don’t want to stall your work by not responding in a timely manner. I know how frustrating it is when you begin working on something and then can’t progress until you get a key piece of information or some guidance.

Being couples focused is the service I offer above the professional knowledge and skills I have as a wedding celebrant.

You can be assured that on your wedding day, you are my priority.

canberra wedding celebrant in action

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