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Minimising stress when planning your wedding.

Planning and preparing for your wedding should be fun!

It should be an enjoyable time, but too often I see people become overwhelmed by everything. That’s where I can help as your wedding celebrant.

I aim to take as much stress as possible out of your wedding ceremony – both in the lead up to your wedding day and on your wedding day.

Planning Your Timeline

how a wedding celebrant can help reduce stress

One of the ways I help reduce stress in the lead up to your wedding, is by planning our timeline so that everything is done well in advance.

This means that we minimise any last-minute issues because we are well prepared. I keep track of everything and check in on you regularly.

As your wedding celebrant, I’ll ask you about your priorities and what is most important to you. I encourage you to focus on these things and not worry so much about the other things. Everyone is different and what is important to one couple is not to another. Focus and put your effort into the parts of your wedding and wedding ceremony that are most important to you!

Because I want you to feel absolutely comfortable, I will send you the draft of your wedding ceremony for your review and any edits. I believe that you know your guests best and so want you to have a chance to provide me with feedback about your wedding ceremony. This will be well in advance of your wedding (I’m talking at least a month before your wedding). From there you can put it away with complete confidence knowing what is going to happen on your wedding day.

Practice, Practice, they say.

A wedding /ceremony rehearsal also takes away stress for many couples as they get a real sense of how their wedding is all going to come together. It is a good chance for us to go over some of the practicalities, like how do you want to say your vows, holding hands or holding the microphone) and for me to share some tips so that your photographer gets the best shots possible.

flower boy, flowerman - how a wedding celebrant can help reduce stress

On your wedding day I’ll be on site at least an hour early. During this time as the celebrant, I’ll brief all the other wedding vendors and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

If your wedding in is Canberra, I have a great network, and know most of the wedding vendors. If I’ve travelled to your chosen location, then I will have made contact and introduced myself to your vendors ahead of your wedding.

You don’t need to worry – we all work together as your wedding team to make sure that your wedding day is just what you wanted.

I'd love to share more details on how I can assist you with your wedding. Let's discuss further and make your special day even more memorable.

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