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Considering your Guests at Your Wedding

It’s your day. Everyone will be focused on you and enjoying your day. You’ve invited the people most important to you and they are their celebrating with you, thrilled to be a part of this special day in your life.

In all your planning, it is important to consider your guests and to make sure their experience is fabulous.

Prior to your wedding, you need to give them clear instructions so that everything goes smoothly. There are the obvious things …

            What time should they arrive and what time will the ceremony start?

            What is the dress code?

            Who should they rsvp to and by when?

But it is also worth considering what you can do to enhance their experience.

parasols for wedding guests in Canberra

Weather is unpredictable.

Your guests will normally be at your wedding early, and so if your wedding is outdoors, what might you need to plan for? There are things you can do.

Some things you might want to consider are …

Is there shade or shelter nearby so that your guests are not in direct sunlight for too long?

Would providing water for your guests improve their comfort?

What is your Plan B in the case of rain?

One of the best ideas I’ve seen- recently one of my couples provided white parasols to guests as shelter from the sun.

They looked fabulous in photos!!! 

Wedding Guests that don’t know each other.

Often guests are from different aspects of your life, and even family may not have met each other. How can you create an informal mingling time where people can start to mix across your different groups?

Some things you might want to consider are …

Are there friends or family who link across different groups? Could they start connecting people prior to your wedding ceremony?

Would having time for a drink before your ceremony get people mingling and chatting?

Recently I’ve was at a wedding where guests mingled with the couple for an hour before their wedding. The couple had done a ‘first look’ and so captured some special moments as they saw each other before joining their guests. The time gave people enough time to relax and created a wonderful buzz.

Language barriers at Weddings

If you have guests who don’t speak English, there are lots of things we can do to ensure they can participate fully. I’ve worked alongside translators, I’ve provided the ceremony early to enable it to be translated, I’ll do whatever I can to ensure all of your guests remember your ceremony for all the right reasons.

Considerations might include …

            How many people don’t speak English?

            What is their level of understanding?

What will make them feel most comfortable and enable them to participate in your wedding ?

One of the best ideas I’ve seen recently were ‘conversation starters’ scattered around the wedding area.

Two languages were spoken by guest and the couple provided useful sentences in both languages. From ‘Hello’ to ‘My name is’ and for later when the party really was underway ‘Another drink?’ and ‘Let’s dance’  it was a perfect example of how considering your guests can ensure your wedding is fabulous!

Transportation To Your Wedding

 If your wedding is a little bit out of town, or you have a lot if guests from interstate you might consider providing transportation for them. This means you can ensure your guests are there on time, minimise the number of people driving and ensure those who don’t know the venue and surrounds can relax rather than navigate.

Having your guests all on a bus travelling to your wedding also helps create a great buzz of anticipation as they all start connecting on the way to your venue.  

wedding guest ideas - hiring a bus to the canberra wedding

As your dedicated wedding celebrant, I'm here to ensure that your ceremony is exactly as you envision - truly making it your wedding, your way.

Crafting your dream wedding is my passion, and I'm eager to collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. For a personalised and memorable ceremony that reflects your unique love story, feel free to get in touch.

Let's meet and start planning your perfect wedding day.

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