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Brad and Steph's Wedding

Brad and Steph had some clear ideas about what they wanted for their wedding day, and their ceremony, but they were also open to ideas, and it was a delight to work with them and plan their incredible wedding day.

Maximising your location

Brad and Steph chose the delightful Poacher’s Pantry as their venue. There are a few different but equally beautiful options for your wedding, but given the size of their wedding, the lawns in front of the homestead were perfect. Brad and Steph maximised their location by having photos taken around the property, changing the look and feel of moments from their wedding day captured by the talented Bel Combridge.


Considering your guests

It was highly likely that their wedding day would  be hot, and there is not a lot of shade where Brad and Steph planned their wedding. They thoughtfully provided parasols for their guests to provide shade. They looked fabulous in photos and ensured their guests were comfortable. Considering your guests’ experience ensures that everyone has a fabulous day and remembers your wedding for all the right reasons!

Including family

Family is important to Brad and Steph and so their parents were all included in the entrances. We had identified to entrance areas, so while Steph and her wedding team organised themselves after arriving, Brad and his wedding party made their entrance. Brad’s parents walked in together ahead of Brad and his wedding party, while Steph’s mum was escorted in by her brother, followed by her wedding party and then Steph and her dad. Everyone had their moment to shine and there was no doubt that this was a family celebration.

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Messages from your family and friends

Brad and Steph had asked some family and friends to select readings and poems for their wedding. Some of these were kept a surprise for the day. Including poems, readings or reflections gives you or your guests the opportunity to share what is most important to you as you get married.

Emotional vows

Brad and Steph’s personal vows were heartfelt and such an important part of their day. They both included a reflection back on their six years together as well as their promises for their future together. There were laughs and tears, from the guests as well as the gorgeous couple.

Getting the party started

Brad and Steph’s exit was spectacular, confetti cascading down on them before a well-practiced dip. Their wedding party lead the guests to the reception area and started the party while Brad and Steph came back with their immediate family to sign the legal paperwork. They had a few family photos in the ceremony area before heading off for more photos with their wedding party. It was an effective way of making sure guests weren’t waiting … and that everyone really was there to celebrate their wedding.

The team behind Brad and Steph's day:

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