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Tim and Julio's Wedding

We want a Brazilian party – a celebration!

Tim and Julio had a clear vision for their wedding. They knew what they didn’t want, which was just as important as what they wanted! They knew the vibe they wanted to create and what they hoped their guests would experience. It was always going to be a wedding that was unique, reflected these two great guys and their cultures.

Setting the scene … the venue

Tim and Julio chose Redbrow Garden as their venue because it allowed them to organise their own catering. It also showcased the Australian countryside to all the Brazilian guests. Set up and styling was undertaken by Tim and Julio along with some family and friends – and it looked fabulous!

Starting the Party

Tim and Julio always intended to be the first at their party and the party was going to be buzzing before we started the ceremony. As guests arrived, DJ Renkun had the music playing setting the atmosphere. Everyone was greeted with warm welcomes and the drinks started flowing. Guests mingled, chatted and started to get to know each other.

Once everyone was there and there was a great buzz, their photographer Michael Taylor Photographyencouraged Tim and Julio to take a moment to sneak off and just have some quiet time together before the ceremony. It’s so important to remember to prioritise yourselves on your day and take some ‘you time’.

Thinking about your guests

Tim and Julio had put a lot of effort into ensuring their guests had a fabulous time. They were conscious of language challenges and so they made conversation starters which were scattered on tables around the gardens. They were a fabulous idea and helped people overcome language barriers.

Tim and Julio had some lovely touches around the gardens for guests. Subtly located outside the rest rooms were all sorts of supplies that might be needed from band aids to cover blisters from too much dancing to paracetamol. Simple – but thoughtful!

For the younger guests, there was a soccer table which was a great hit!

Canberra Wedding Location

Wedding Photographer

The Ceremony

Family and friends were invited to top up their glasses and gather in the ceremony space which featured a simple, rustic arbour which perfectly highlighted the natural beauty of the area – the pond and trees in their autumnal glory.

When planning their wedding, we had agreed on a beautiful way of involving guests. As the ceremony started, I told everyone there would be an opportunity to say a few words to Tim and Julio – telling them what they wished for them as a married couple, or to letting them know what they love about them as a couple in the ceremony. This gave people a little bit of think time so that we didn’t have an awkward silence. It worked perfectly! We had the most heartfelt messages of love and support. It didn’t matter that you couldn’t always understand what was said as we moved between English and Portuguese – because you could feel the emotions.

When it came to their vows, Tim and Julio both alternated between English and Portuguese during their vows. A friend had helped prepare vow cards for the guests so they could follow along as Tim and Julio made their promises to each other. They did that without letting each other know what they were saying – so their vows were still a beautiful surprise for each other on their wedding day.

Glasses were ready and it was lovely to be able to toast the happy couple as they shared their first kiss as husbands.

Blending cultures

Tim and Julio effectively blended two cultures into their wedding plans and celebrations.

There were a range of gifts for guests to take and use from beer coasters to cups all continuing the Brazilian / Australian theme. And … there was a lolly table filled with all sorts of Brazilian specialty lollies for guests to enjoy.

Tim and Julio set a beautiful example moving effortlessly between their two first languages, and guests easily overcame language barriers. Love is a universal language!

After the ceremony

The firepit was the perfect place for the group photo before everyone continued eating, drinking and partying. Tim and Julio’s celebration was truly a Brazilian Barbeque with amazing food provided by Brazbecue followed by delicious gelato from Mellabella Gelato. As guests started to finish eating DJ Renkun took the party up a notch and the dancefloor began to fill.

Tim and Julio’s wedding was everything they always wanted it to be – it was a fabulous celebration – Brazilian style!

The team behind Tim and Julio's amazing wedding included:

Venue:    Redbrow Garden

Photographer:  Michael Taylor Photography

Music:  DJ Renkun

Catering: Brazbecue

Mellabella Gelato

Cake: Made by a very talented friend

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