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Sara and Jesse's Wedding


Sara and Jesse surprised their guests by turning their engagement party to a wedding. When guests turned they found ‘Welcome to our wedding’ signs.

We had cards available so that guests could write wedding wishes to Sara and Jesse, which were then put in a wine box with a bottle of wine they had chosen because it would cellar well for five years. Sara and Jesse will open it and enjoy it on their fifth anniversary.

Including your children in your ceremony

Sara and Jesse wanted their gorgeous daughter to be a special part of the wedding, but being young, we didn’t know how she would go. We just let her be and she walked beautifully down the aisle and shared herself around her parents and grandparents during the ceremony.

When it comes to including children, there are a few tricks, but we really just go with whatever happens on the day. There were lots of cuddles and lots of familiar faces, so Sara and Jesse’s daughter was happy!

First look photos

To maximise time with their guests, Sara and Jesse along with their wedding crew had first look photos. When they turned up at Parlour, their venue, it was all about the wedding and party. To ensure they weren’t seen by guests, Sara and Jesse had their first look photos at the Australian National Botanic Gardens - there are so many amazing areas available in the gardens and you can create different look and feel to your photos.

Canberra Wedding Location

Wedding Photographer

Personal vows

During their first look photos Sara and Jesse exchanged their personal vows. They didn’t want to share them publicly during their ceremony, so they created a special moment which was captured beautifully by their photographer Maddie.

Sara and Jesse’s wedding was a relaxed and chilled event – and a fabulous party. The surprise was a well-managed secret with only a few very close family and their wedding crew knowing the plans. 

An incredible day!

All the details:

Venue - ceremony: Parlour – we were outside under their gorgeous tree!

Photographer: Maddie Green Photo and Film

Venue – first look: Australian National Botanic Gardens

The team behind Sara and Jesse's day:

Wedding Reception - Parlour

Photographer - Maddie Green Photo and Film

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