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Rachel and Michael's Wedding

It’s all about us, but it’s all about our family

Rachel and Michael knew they were bringing two families together through their marriage. Family is so important to them, and so it was important that we found ways to include family in their celebration. Rachel and Michael had their children standing beside them as their wedding party and we included a special message to ‘the kids’ in the ceremony. Michael’s family who had travelled from England were very special guests also. It was a small and intimate wedding, with the people most important to Rachel and Michael.

Using Canberra’s natural beauty

Rachel and Michael chose the foreshore of the lake, the area just near the Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club as the venue for their wedding. It was simple and made the most of the beautiful backdrop of the lake. Friends helped set everything up and drinks were available for everyone to relax and enjoy. The area is quite private considering it is on the foreshore, and access is easy for your guests.

Canberra Wedding Location

Wedding Photographer

Family Friend

A simple, relaxed vibe

Rachel and Michael didn’t want a lot of fuss. They wanted a simple, relaxed ceremony where everyone could enjoy themselves. The location provided a beautiful entry for Rachel who was accompanied by her two children. The ceremony was filled with stories, laughs and emotion. The deep love and respect that Rachel and Michael have for each other was obvious, as was their ability to have a joke and laugh at themselves. Their vows were beautiful! A fabulous mixture of fun, sincerity and dreams of a wonderful future together.

A wet weather plan B

Rachel and Michael’s reception was at the Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Clubwhich meant that we had a wet weather option. During the ceremony rain threatened, but it held off. It meant that they got some spectacular photos with rainbows, but it was wonderful that we were able to go with Plan A.

The team behind Rachel and Michael's lovely wedding included:

Venue: Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club

Photographer: Family friend

Dress: Affordable Bridal

Hair: Lanyon Hair Centre

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