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Liam & Bernie's Wedding

Liam & Bernie were a delight to work with as we planned their wedding. Their day was so special because they included so many special and meaningful moments in their wedding ceremony.

Your moment to shine.

Two entrances are always better than one! While Liam set the tone walking into I’m Your Man, his son stole the show with his fun entrance just ahead of his dad.

Liam’s two daughters walked in ahead of Bernie who was accompanied by her two daughters. They paused at the top of our aisle and got their unsuspecting uncle, Bernie’s brother who walked her to Liam. It was a poignant moment for a number of reasons, and beautifully coordinated by Bernie.

Surround yourself with the people most important to you.

Liam & Bernie knew who they wanted by their sides. Their children. Their wedding party was all about the family they were creating and an important message to ‘the kids’ was included in their personal story.

Remembering loved ones no longer with us

Bernie knew that if her dad was mentioned, she would get upset, so he was acknowledged in a quiet way. A beautiful sign reserved his chair for him. He was very much with us in spirit.

Canberra Wedding Location

Wedding Photographer

Surprising your guests

Bernie & Liam didn’t want to choose their witnesses, everyone there was special to them. So, during the ceremony we had a raffle. Liam’s son was in charge as he couldn’t be a witness, being under 18. He selected two names out of a hat and then presented them with a trophy and the news that they were to be one of the witnesses.

Location, Location, Location

Bernie & Liam chose the stunning Petrichor Farm for their wedding. Most guests arrived on the bus that Bernie & Liam had organised, and arrived ready to party. Their wedding was under a gorgeous tree adjacent to the reception area. Bernie was able to get ready on site, so coordinating everything on the day was so easy. The reception area is stunning, the food amazing and, as an added bonus, they were able to get some fun wedding party shots around the farm.

Bernie & Liam’s ceremony was a perfect mix of laughter, love, fun and vulnerability … so many moments thoughtfully included as we planned their dream day. 

Moments captured by Timeless Creations  

Bernie’s hair and make up by Serene Hair and Beauty and her dress and veil were from Affordable Bridal 

Liam’s suit was from Taro and Cash 

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