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Lexie and Matt's Wedding

It’s OK to change your plans!

When we first met, Lexie and Matt had a pretty clear vision for their wedding. They knew what they wanted and they had already planned some of the details. They wanted to surprise their guest during their engagement party -  a huge surprise part way through the celebrations. Lexie and Matt planned the timing, who would tell guests and how … they were well underway.

The next time we met, things had changed, and it was wonderful to see how Matt and Lexie let their plans evolve. They really thought about what was most important to them and how that could best be achieved. They knew what they wanted their wedding to feel like and what they wanted their guests to experience.

Their final plan brought together the key elements of their original vision updated to reflect what had changed over those first 10 months. Their wedding was their dream day!

Creating time and space for the two of you.

Lexie and Matt organised first look photos so that they could fully appreciate seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day. It was their special time. The New Acton precinct has some beautiful areas for photos, and their talented photographer Thommo from All Grown Up Weddings captured all the emotions, from the anticipation, to pure joy and excitement. The location was a perfect choice as it was just metres from where they initially met.

Your wedding day goes so quickly, so building in some time for the two of you to escape and just be together is precious!

Canberra Wedding Location

Wedding Photographer

Mingling with family and friends before the ceremony.

Matt and Lexie always knew they wanted to spend time with their family and friends before the ceremony. Originally this was going to be as they celebrated their engagement party, however they decided to change the surprise aspect, and everyone knew they were attending a wedding. This didn’t mean that Lexie had to be the last to arrive at her wedding! Matt and Lexie arrived and spent about an hour mingling with guests, making sure that they were starting with a party atmosphere. It gave them the chance to relax and have fun and then when they were ready … we began.

Involving kids.

Lexie and Matt’s nephew was our ring bearer, so just before the ceremony we had a quick practice, so he knew what to do. We had some encouragement in the shape of a toy truck to make sure he walked where we wanted him to go.

An emotional beginning to a beautiful ceremony.

Lexie was accompanied by her parents, and we created a special moment when they arrived in the ceremony space. Those hugs and kisses help relieve any nerves!

Matt and Lexie chose Parlour as their wedding venue, with the ceremony under the gorgeous tree in Kendall Lane. It’s simple and elegant, a beautiful area. Lexie and Matt’s stylists from Braddon Flowers added some gorgeous colour to surround our couple, while keeping them as the centre of attention.

Matt and Lexie’s ceremony was filled with laughter and poignant moments. Everyone could feel the joy radiating from this amazing couple! Their vows were straight from the heart and spoke of what they had achieved as well as their hopes and dreams for the future.

Lexie and Matt asked their mothers to be their witnesses, because they had played such an important part in their lives. Their mums were honoured! As their mum’s signed all the paperwork, Lexie and Matt snuck back a few steps and made the most of that precious time, simply taking their new status as husband and wife.

A wow exit!

Great exits don’t just happen. Matt and Lexie had rehearsed their planned exit and guests were given some tips about throwing confetti. As Matt and Lexie walked back down the aisle, confetti cascaded down on them. They stopped for another kiss, just because they could, and love is worth celebrating!!

Others in the team behind this fabulous wedding were:

Venue: Parlour

Photographer: All Grown Up Weddings

Flowers: Braddon Flowers 

Music: Marty K Music

Make Up: Chloe Day MUA

Hair: KSM Styles

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