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Iain and Jordan's Wedding

The first time I met Iain and Jordan, I knew their wedding was going to be fabulous! Apart from the fact that one of my favourite restaurants was catering their reception, it was obvious that they wanted something with a nod to tradition, but they also wanted to update tradition in a way meaningful to them.

Your wedding party

There are no rules about who has to be in your wedding party. Iain and Jordan asked friends who had a significant impact on and influence in their lives. Your wedding party are your support crew in the lead up to your wedding and on your wedding day, so it is important they are the people you want to have not the people you ‘should have’.

The kilts worn by members of the wedding party were in Iain’s family tartan which was a lovely nod to his heritage. The dresses were different but with the white colour theme. It was a nice change to see white dresses worn by the wedding party.

The first look opportunity

Iain, Jordan, their wedding party and family had photos taken before the ceremony so that they could spend as much time as possible after celebrating with family and friends. Having a first look means that you can create some time and space in your day to just focus on the two of you. Henry Paul Photography captured some amazing moments, and beautiful emotions before the ceremony!

Your entrance – just as you want it

At the rehearsal we talked through a few options for the entrance. Iain and Jordan were keen to walk in together and so they entered after their wedding party were all in place, but they took a moment to greet each person before moving to their place. It gave them a chance to relax and share a laugh and, hopefully, ease the nerves.

A very special guest

Iain and Jordan’s beloved Juno was a very special guest, lovingly cared for by All4pawzCanberra. Juno bounded up the aisle to greet Iain and Jordan, as our ring bearer. It was a beautiful moment and I’m not sure who was more pleased – the grooms or Juno!

Canberra Wedding Location

Wedding Photographer

Involving family

Iain and Jordan asked Iain’s sisters to read a poem, and it was agreed that we would keep it a surprise until their wedding day. Iain’s sisters wrote an amazing poem so all I needed to do was find the best part of the ceremony for it. The poem had everyone in stitches, but it was also beautifully poignant. Family talents should absolutely be used to make your day incredible!

I’ve got you covered

If it rains on your wedding day, I have a supply of clear umbrellas for my couples to use. It was raining when we had the rehearsal, so I gave the umbrellas to Iain and Jordan to have in readiness. There was a light drizzle before their wedding and the umbrellas came in handy when the wedding party went to have their photos taken.

Why do they say it’s lucky if it rains on your wedding day? You are ‘tying the knot’, a wet knot is hard to untie … and a wet knot that dries is even harder!

Considering your guests

Iain and Jordan made it easy for their guests, organising a bus to drop them at the Margaret Whitlam Pavilion  for the ceremony, and then take them to the Albert Hall for the reception. It made the day enjoyable, especially for interstate guests who didn’t have to worry about navigating around Canberra.

Partying on!

Iain and Jordan’s reception was always going to be an amazing night with fabulous food supplied by Andy and the team at Rizla. The benefit of a venue like the Albert Hall is that you can organise your own catering and make sure that your reception is exactly what you want. It was beautifully styled by Show Pony Events as

The team behind Iain and Jordan’s day:

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