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Love ... and the circle of life

Significant times in life should be recognised and, when I think about them, they are all about love. There is so much love and joy when a new family member arrives, when two people get married and, when someone we love dies, there is grief - because we loved.  

I love working with people explore options and design a ceremony that is truly ‘them’.

As a Canberra wedding celebrant, I happily service Canberra and its surrounding regions including the Southern Highlands and South Coast. 

What  you  can  expect  when  you  choose  me  as  your  celebrant

Most importantly, on your special day, you are my only focus. I only book one ceremony a day, so that you are my priority on your day.

Our first meeting is obligation free – to see that I am the right fit for you. It’s best in person (or virtual meeting) because connection is something more than what you can find on a website. 

We will discuss your dreams – what you want and importantly what you don’t want.

I will take you through the legal requirements (you want a wedding not just a party!).

Once you chose me as your celebrant, I’ll draft a run sheet for us which details all requirements and timelines. It will include the legal timelines we need to meet.  

At our next meeting we will commence the legal documentation (I’ll tell you exactly what documents I need you to bring along).

I’ll get you to send me information about yourselves (some reflections and answers to questions. This is what I’ll use when I draft your ceremony. I’ll also send you some guides for writing your own vows.

If you want ideas for poems, readings or songs I’ll send you a small selection as a starting point (who wants to go through my hundreds of resources – I’ll select some that I think meet what you are after and keep refining until you find ‘the one’).

I’ll send you a draft of your ceremony 4-6 weeks in advance and get any feedback from you. We will aim to have it finalised 3-4 weeks before your ceremony so that you can put it away and relax. I don’t want you looking at it the night before!

If you are writing personal vows, I’ll make sure they work well together but the first time you will hear them is when your partner says them to you at your wedding.

All the way through, I’ll be there to guide and support you. I’m available by phone or email, or if required we can meet again.

I’ll suggest a rehearsal, to ensure everyone who has a role in your ceremony knows what they are doing and when. The rehearsal helps make sure things go smoothly on the day, and also helps with nerves.

Once your ceremony is over, while you are celebrating, I’ll head home and register your marriage. I’ll guide you through getting your marriage certificate and changing your name if you plan to do that.

Debbie Taylor

Global Award Winning Celebrant 

For the second year in a row,

I've been recognised as "Most Couple Focused Marriage Celebrant (Eastern Australia)" 
by LUXLife Magazine in May 2023 and 2024.


You can read more about the awards here 

and see my award here

Award winning Marriage Celebrant Canberra

Let's Hear From Debbie Herself....

Why she loves being a celebrant in Canberra and how, when you book her as your marriage celebrant, you are the only wedding she will attend that day.

There's no rushing off to be somewhere else.

You have her as long as you need on your special day

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